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Where To Post Your Videos?

So you just got your new video developed for yourself or your business but now you don’t know what to do with it? Since this is a question I get a lot, I’m writing this blog to help my clients get the most out of the videos I’ve developed for them. Let’s get started.

  1. Facebook Groups- So of course posting it on your personal page and on your business page is a most and it will get you views but not as many, so you want to use Facebook Groups you are already a part of and are located locally to you. So for example if you are a Plumber in San Antonio, TX you want to promote on FB groups in San Antonio TX. Also posting on 1 FB Group is not gonna be enough, you want to post in at least 15 to 20 groups, it may seem like a lot but is not, I post in 20 groups and it takes me maybe 10 minutes manually. You want to do this twice in a day for a total of 40 FB Groups. I wouldn’t push it more than that because you don’t want Facebook to block your account. Click Here For A Tutorial on How to Dominate FB Groups.
  2. Instagram- Yes you can post videos on Instagram, you will need Dropbox on your computer and on your phone or any app that lets you move files from your computer to your cellphone will do the trick. On Instagram when you post the video you want to have 10 to 15 #hashtags related to your business, so using the previous example Plumber in San Antonio Tx, it would look something like this #sanantonioplumber #texasplumber #210plumber #plumbertips #plumber etc.. If you post the video by itself you will only reach the people that are following you but by adding hashtags you can also reach people outside of those that are currently following you.
  3. Website- if you have your own website post your video on the front page, a video will catch someones attention faster and for longer than just text, so have your video and a call to action so they can get a hold of you asap.
  4. YouTube- Upload your video to YouTube, Let me put it like this, after Google, YouTube is the largest search engine on the net, so uploading your video into YouTube is necessary. When you post on YouTube use keywords related to your business, think of stuff people will search and use it as your title so when they search that your video will show up. Always add a link on the description either to your website, FB Profile, Linkedin, etc..
  5. LinkedIn, Twitter, & Google+– This are other social networks that once you upload your video to YouTube you can use the link provided to add your videos to other social networks and get you even more views.

The point is to have as many eyes as possible in front of your video, you can choose what route to go, I recommend at least doing 3 of the methods above but at the end it’s really up to you and how much time you want to spend promoting your business.

If you don’t want to do it yourself, I do offer a service to promote your videos, just contact me or comment below and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

A video sitting on your hard drive is not doing anything for you other than collecting cyber dust… 😉

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