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5 Reasons Why Buying Followers Is Dumb

You should NOT be buying followers to grow your brand, watch the video below for more information.

5 Reasons Why Buying Followers is Dumb!!

  1. You Destroy Your Brand Credibility– When someone sees that your page has 30K followers they might think you’re doing something good. But then we see you’re getting 10-15 likes on all your posts, it doesn’t take much to realize that you’re buying bot followers because the engagement is just not there.
  2. You Have No Real Engagement– 100 engaged followers have more value than 20,000 bot followers. Bot followers don’t engage with your post, they can’t like, or comment on your content so all they’re doing is spamming your page further destroying your brand.
  3. Your Account Will Get Suspended– By buying bots you run the risk of getting your account suspended or banned. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, & LinkedIn are all cracking down on fake pages, bots, and companies buying and selling followers.
  4. A Waste Of your Money– With all the social media giants cracking down on this practice you may get 100K followers your first day but then lose your account the next day because the social media platforms are aggressively working to delete fake accounts and bots.
  5. Not Worth The Risk– You are making an investment that gives you no return. It will hurt your brand more than it helps. Don’t make rookie mistakes, if you want followers/likes then put in the work, put out content that people want to see and they will come.

I hope this 5 tips will keep you away from buying followers and if you are interested in having a social media manager that can grow your brand organically without bots feel free to check my Social Media Service page for more information.

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