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How To Get Real Instagram Followers Fast

This “How to Get Instagram Followers Fast” tutorial is for those that are starting off and don’t want to spend money on a software, or a social media manager, etc…

Getting Real Instagram Followers Steps:

  1. Find a Page Related To Your Niche- Find other pages that are relevant to your page, for this example, the wtfcars page is about cars, so I’m looking for other car pages with a big following. If your page is about landscaping then look for other landscaping pages, if it’s about motivation then look for other motivation pages and so on.


  2. Find a Recent Post- Try to find a post that was posted maybe an hour ago from the page that’s related to your niche, because that means that the people who liked that post where recently on Instagram and are more likely to either follow back or not.


  3. Start Following- Once you find the post, click to see the people who liked that post and start following them, don’t go crazy and follow 1,000 people, try to stay between 100 to 150 every 3-4 hours to avoid getting your account blocked. You don’t want to be looked at as a spammer.


  4. Interact- A big part of Instagram is interaction, you should also like and comment on related pages, people see your comment or like and they might go and follow your page, after all this is a social media platform.

More Tips:

  1. Don’t Go Crazy– I know you want to grow your Instagram fast but following 1000 people can get your account blocked and is not worth it.
  2. Have a Schedule- Example: 7 AM follow 150 people, 3 PM follow another 150, at 8 PM follow another 150. If you are consistent and have a schedule you will see your page grow in days.

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