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Referral Program

referral program

Refer People & Make Extra Money

In a nutshell I’m looking for partners. You provide me with a web, video development, or social media management lead and you get a percentage of the project as a referral fee.

How Much Would You Get?

You will make 30% from any project or service I close on. For example, you refer someone that needs help with their social media, lets say they pick the “Standard Package” which cost $500, once I close and get the first payment from the customer you will receive 30% which is $150. If you refer someone and they need a website and the project is $1000 then you will receive $300.

What You Have To Do?

  • If you know someone that could use any of my services (web & video development or social media management) then you refer them my way
  • Make sure that when you send someone to me you either let me know who you are sending, or let the person know that they need to tell me that you sent them my way

When You Get Paid?

As soon as I receive the payment from customer you will receive your referral fee, if you have PayPal it will get there asap but I also can send payments any other way you prefer. (cash, moneygram, westernunion, money order, etc…)

How To Get A Hold Of Me?

Fastest and easiest way would be through Facebook, Twitter or Instagram (@jbermudez787) or you can use my contact form on this site. Looking forward to working with you and your referrals!

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